Vinicius Oppido

Vinicius Oppido


Designer – FAAP (2001), Master of Arts with Distinction in 3D Computer Animation – Bournemouth University, UK (2005) and Master in Games – Mackenzie (2016). Worked for 18 years on TV Globo, developing projects focused on Innovation and Computer Graphics in the Research and Development area. Winner of 3 prizes at Anima Mundi 2006 with the short-film “Propaganda”. In 2014, co-founded PushStart, an interactive content studio, finalist of the 2016 Games For Change Awards in New York.

[SÃO PAULO] Success Cases (Animation and Games): Earth to Luna : experiences beyond TV

São Paulo - Apex-Brasil Space CCSP

Kiko Mistrorigo (TV Pinguim) and Vinicius Oppido (PushStart) present the successful partnership that has united the two studios to transform the content of “Earth to Luna” series into interactive experiences for digital platforms.

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