Victor-Hugo Borges

Victor-Hugo Borges

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With a degree in fine arts, the director and animator Victor-Hugo Borges has several animation short films and is the creator of the series Haunted Cartoons (for Malcriated Children), which is screened throughout Latin America by Cartoon Network and distributed in Southeast Asia by Disney. Comics has forty ready episodes, a feature film and three released games. In 18 years of his career, Borges has accumulated more than 100 national and international awards and has had two retrospective shows. At the moment, it works in its first preschool series titled provisionally Mini-Mini and in the third season of Haunted Cartoons.

[SÃO PAULO] Success Cases (Animation and Games): Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids the series that got to the big screen and got turned into a game!

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With two seasons screened in primetime Cartoon Network, “Haunted Cartoons” was awarded, hit theaters in November 2017 with a new adventure, “Haunted Cartoons – The Movie,” directed by the creator of the series, Victor-Hugo Borges. On the same day Pepe and his friends arrive in the iStore and PlayStore with the game “Haunted Cartoons – […]

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