Tiago Moraes

Tiago Moraes

Ovni Studios

Tiago Moraes, a Game Developer, founder of Ovni Studios, an independent game studio.
Develops games professionally since 2000 and actually works in VR, AR, MR to PC, Mobile and Consoles.
More than 100 published games
Last title: Peronio Pop-Up Book, Best 2015 AR Game, available to iOS, Android and GearVR.

[SÃO PAULO] From Romanticism to Reality in Ready Player One

São Paulo, CCSP - Rehearsal Room II B Side

Steven Spielberg presented us with a love letter about his vision of the future of Virtual Reality. Are we really close to the oasis, the killer app so craved by all? The developers Tiago Moraes and Pedro Kayatt invite you to participate in this discussion about fiction vs reality and the future that awaits us.


[SÃO PAULO] From VR to AR – Games in ARKit that started in VR

São Paulo, CCSP - Rehearsal Room II A Side

2018 is the AR year, that’s no denying. From ARKit to Magic Leap, developers explain how was the migration process from virtual reality to augmented reality, and vice-versa. Here you will learn a bit about opportunities and limitations of both modalities.

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