Tiago Melo

Tiago Melo

Lumen Games

With a background in Computer Science, he is the CEO of Lumen Games. During his 14 years in the company, he worked as technical director, producer and manager in more than 50 games projects. In the early years of the company, long before the current distribution platforms, he developed games for mobile phones in Java and C ++. Over the last ten years, it has been active in custom games development for international companies, and today, it is focused on free-to-play mobile projects. He has worked as the producer of the game Hempire, leading the development team in Brazil during the last three years, a game developed for the Canadian company LBC Studios.

[SÃO PAULO] Raising the Bar for LATAM Service Providers

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Paulo Emílio

In 2015 there were very few LATAM companies offering services to AAA developers and publishers. Fast-forward 3 years and the business practice is much more prolific with companies in the region making a name for themselves in the external development arena. Those on stage will discuss their journeys with respect to the “why” and “how” […]

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