Silvia Cruz

Silvia Cruz

Vitrine Filmes

Since 2010, Vitrine Films has distributed more than 100 films under the command of Silvia Cruz. Among its greatest hits are “”Aquarius”” by Kleber Mendonça Filho, who competed at the Cannes Film Festival and took more than 360 thousand people to brazilian cinemas, the documentary “”Cinema Novo”” by Eryk Rocha, also selected for the festival. “”The Way He Looks””, which reached more than 200 thousand spectators; the American “”Frances Ha””, directed by Noah Baumbach, nominated for the Golden Globe in 2014;

In 2017, Vitrine released “”Movie Life””, the third feature film by actor and director Selton Mello, “”Divinas Divas””, the most viewed documentary of the year (35 thousand people), among others that added more than 560 thousand spectators in the whole year.

In 2018, Vitrine has already released more than 10 titles to date, among them “”The Process””, a documentary that has already reached the audience of 55 thousand spectators.

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