Samuel Ferrari

Samuel Ferrari


Samuel Ferrari is a film, game and TV’s composer and co-owner of mdois, a music and audio post production house based in São Paulo. He has produced music for many high profiles feature films like “Mais Forte Que o Mundo: A História de José Aldo (Stronger Than the World: The Story of José Aldo)”, “Historietas Assombradas – O Filme”, “SENNA: Beyond the Speed of Sound”, “Carrossel 2”, “Inside Out: The People’s Art Project” and games like “GUTS”, “Marina Está do Contra” and “Hello Kitty: Almanaque de Atividades”. Since 2013, he has produced music and audio for more than 40 projects for the game League of Legends (Riot Games), including Character Theme Music, live events, marketing trailers and music for broadcast.

[SÃO PAULO] Audio and Music Development for the eSports Market

São Paulo, CCSP - Rehearsal Room II A Side

The eSport market grows every year and with it appear job opportunities in many areas, including music and audio. Through practical and diverse examples, speakers will talk about the challenges audio professionals face in developing live events, opening ceremonies and broadcast material, and connecting with other languages such as film and TV.

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