Rocío Pamela Blanco Aguilar

Rocío Pamela Blanco Aguilar

Xiara Studios

I’m developer in XIARA STUDIOS, I belong to Programming Team of the most recent project our company is doing. It’s an Educative Videogame that teaches about moral values (for the United Nation Organization client). I have done volunteer job before, working with kids at beginning, after that as an independent activist against animal cruelty, that was also dedicated to perform hippotherapy or equine therapy, promoting mental or physical rehabilitation at the neuromuscular level in children and adolescents with different capacities. My knowledge involves Data Bases (Php&MySQL), CISCO networking, C#, UNITY Engine. I’m currently cursing my second year of Computing in the Public University.

[SÃO PAULO] Integrating Cultural References to Enrich Your Indie Game

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Adoniran Barbosa

Every creator has cultural influences that determine they way they craft their game experiences, and also those influences constitute an essential part of what makes a game unique. In this panel we will discuss two main topics. Firstly, the different ways a particular culture can permeate a game and its components (mechanics, music, graphics, story) […]

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