Pedro Kayatt

Pedro Kayatt


Master of Science in Computer Engineering by Politecnica USP with a Double Degree in Politecnico di Milano. a game developer with more than 10 years of international experience working in several platforms, in 2013 he founded his own company Naked Monkey Games that had finalist games in several awards competitions and in 2015 he founded VRMonkey, a reference company in the development of Virtual Reality experiences.

[SÃO PAULO] From Romanticism to Reality in Ready Player One

São Paulo, CCSP - Rehearsal Room II B Side

Steven Spielberg presented us with a love letter about his vision of the future of Virtual Reality. Are we really close to the oasis, the killer app so craved by all? The developers Tiago Moraes and Pedro Kayatt invite you to participate in this discussion about fiction vs reality and the future that awaits us.


[SÃO PAULO] BIG VR: VR beyond the Games

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Paulo Emílio

What do Cinema, Education and Medicine have in common with Games? Keynote about Virtual Reality and its modalities that are being increasingly explored.


[SÃO PAULO] BIG Ventures Pitch

[SÃO PAULO] Other Realities: AR, VR, MR, HR and XR?

São Paulo, CCSP - Rehearsal Room II A Side

Do you know what Virtual Reality is? And Augmented Reality? In the lecture “Other Realities” will be presented the various topics that address these terms, demonstrating the current market and what is to come.

BIG VR/AR/MR Microtalk

[SÃO PAULO] Abragames Presents: Social Impact games developed by our associates

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Adoniran Barbosa

Abragames Presents is a project that aims to highlight the production of ABRAGAMES members. This session is about to draw a panorama of game production that aims to promote positive change in areas such as environment, education, health, among others.

BIG Impact
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