Mehdi Benkirane

Mehdi Benkirane

FLIP Entertainment

Mehdi is Co-Founder of FLIP, an Amsterdam based video games centric hybrid label / music publishing company helping developers monetise their game music. He started his career as a Sound Engineer working with acts such as Royksopp, Killswitch Engage, and the Streets in Scotland, Australia, and Austria until he decided to start directing works of research in the fields of music, gaming, and film at the SAE group. He then took on the role of EU Industry Relations where he negotiated international partnerships with the global entertainment industry whilst active as an artist manager.

[SÃO PAULO] [Exclusive for Business Visitors] How to monetize with games using music

São Paulo - Apex-Brasil Space TCP

the Co-Founder of FLIP, a video games centric hybrid label/music publishing company helps developers monetise their game music.


[SÃO PAULO] The music industry for games: creating global products

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Adoniran Barbosa

This debate is dedicated to putting developers and starters “on the same page”, to be a part a industry that creates opportunities to games and music professionals.

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