Matthew Leopold

Matthew Leopold

Yodo1 Games

Matthew Leopold is the Director of Business Development and Marketing for Yodo1 Games. Matthew’s six years of overseas experience working for Chinese tech companies have earned him a unique understanding of the nuances that separate Chinese and global business cultures and the ability to overcome these challenges and forge long-lasting successful partnerships. Since joining Yodo1’s team in 2013, Matthew has played an integral part in revamping Yodo1’s overseas publishing business and bringing Yodo1 into the global spotlight by signing on smash-hit titles Crossy Road (Hipster Whale) and Rodeo Stampede (Featherweight Games). Keeping up with market trends in China, Yodo1 started publishing PC games in China in 2015 beginning with long-time partners, Defiant Development (Ski Safari, Hand of Fate 1 and 2).

[SÃO PAULO] Publishing your game in China

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Adoniran Barbosa

If you ever considered exploring the Chinese market, you cannot miss this panel. Seasoned experts will provide an introduction to the Chinese market and its key players/stakeholders. They will also provide valuable advice on what to expect and how to better pitch your projects to chinese publishers. This session will open your eyes to the […]

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