Marcelo Spiezzi Raimbault

Marcelo Spiezzi Raimbault


Marcelo Spiezzi Raimbault acts as game designer, level designer and technical artist at GILP Studio where he worked on games like Mini Ini Mo, Upside Down and Zoic: Saving Planets. Currently is part of Areia’s dev team, the most ambitious GILP project ever.
In May 2016 completed his Masters in Level Design and Game Production at Southern Methodist University. Holds a degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Computer Engineering from the Federal University of Uberlândia.

[SÃO PAULO] Level Design Workshop

São Paulo, CCSP - Rehearsal Room II B Side

Through Level Design, the player can live all other systems made for a game and that’s why we need to talk more about it! In this workshop, we will put into practice all the basics of a good Level Design. Click here to sign up:

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