Kiko Mistrorigo

Kiko Mistrorigo

TV PinGuim

Kiko Mistrorigo graduated in architecture. In 1989 he founded together with Celia Catunda, the TV PinGuim studio. TV PinGuim creates entertaining, educational, distinctive and bold programming for children of all ages. Its animation portfolio covers a diverse range of subjects from science to sci-fi and from art to the environment. TV PinGuim’s biggest hits to date are the high-rating series Fishtronaut, which airs in 80 countries, International Emmy nominated scientific pre-school success Earth to Luna!, now in the fith season and the musical animated series Ping and Friends.

[SÃO PAULO] Success Cases (Animation and Games): Earth to Luna : experiences beyond TV

São Paulo - Apex-Brasil Space CCSP

Kiko Mistrorigo (TV Pinguim) and Vinicius Oppido (PushStart) present the successful partnership that has united the two studios to transform the content of “Earth to Luna” series into interactive experiences for digital platforms.

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