Kevin Fenemore

Kevin Fenemore

Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas

Film Maker, VFX artist and Academic, Kevin is active in many of today’s cutting edge aspects of computer graphics; be it through industry, research or teaching. Currently the Head of Department and Senior Lecturer for Games, Animation and Visual Effects at the British School for Creative Arts in Sao Paulo, Kevin is working closely with industry partners to build the next crop of talent within the sectors. Previously based in the U.K, where he established the first of its kind Bachelor of Science degree in Virtual and Augmented Reality, created one of the most cutting edge BSc degree’s in Film and Visual Effects and brought new knowledge into the world in respect to motion capture systems as a tool for training doctors. Pushing the boundaries within technology and industry whilst building cutting edge education to equip the future of the creative economy in Brazil is his mission.

[SÃO PAULO] Brazil’s role in AAA games; History, context and the future

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Paulo Emílio

Brazil is yet to breach the AAA global games market in respect to home-built products, with so many great Brazilian artists worldwide and an abundance of home talent, what is the potential for the future of Brazil’s impact on the games market and how can we learn from Brazil’s rich history within such a fast-paced […]

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