Julia Scochi Teixeira

Julia Scochi Teixeira

The Enemy

While waiting for her next Dungeons & Dragons RPG session, Julia Scochi splits her time between creating content on The Enemy, listening to Kpop and playing video games.
She started her career as a Social Media Coordinator working for different esports teams in Brazil. A few years later, she worked in the Ubisoft project for Rainbow Six Siege, where she fell in love even more for the competitive scene.
Nowadays she works at The Enemy, the gaming branch of Omelete. She started as a writer, host and screenwriter, but now takes care of the content creation on social networks, screenwriting and presenting videos in the official channel.

[SÃO PAULO] Pro players and their stories: how did they get there?

São Paulo, CCSP - Rehearsal Room II A Side

Many people think that the life of a professional player is quiet, but that is not the case. The path of these young people until their professionalization is difficult and few can reach the title of pro player. So let’s hear the story of these players and how they got to the top.

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