Juan Eduardo de Urraza

Juan Eduardo de Urraza

Posibillian Tech

Juan de Urraza is a software engineer, science-fiction writer, university teacher, and radio announcer. Founder and former president of IGDA Paraguay.
Currently is the CEO of Posibillian Tech, game development studio behind Fhacktions, a location based MOBA with RPG components and a persistent world. Fhacktions was finalist of the Google Indie Games Festival LATAM, winner of the Indie Prize USA in the category “Best Audio”, and finalist in Europe and Asia in the category “Best Multiplayer Game”.

[SÃO PAULO] Developing and Self-Publishing Online Competitive Indie Games in LATAM

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Adoniran Barbosa

Online games are gaining more and more popularity and generating significantly higher revenue than single player games. League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Pokemon Go or Brawlhalla are some of the titles encouraging many indie teams from all over the world to invest in games that are heavily relying on multiplayer technology. This presents a […]

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