João Brant

João Brant

Long Hat House

João Brant always wanted to mess around with games. Together with Lucas Mattos, during the “holidays” of the 2014 World Cup, Long Hat House was founded to launch Magenta Arcade in the following year. That game successfully proven to the team that they should keep struggling with games, and they didn’t stop. Lots of prototypes were made to get into what is Dandara. Initially thought to bring action and exploration to the touch screen, it ended up being a very novel platformer on all mainstream consoles, and one of the first announced Nindies. João Brant does about everything on Long Hat House, but focus on programming, game and level design.

[SÃO PAULO] The Mechanics of Dandara: Development Process and Level Design

São Paulo, CCSP - Rehearsal Room II B Side

How did we get into Dandara’s mechanics? We approach, without prejudice, the mobile platform and using a new look as a tool for innovation. A summary of the journey with Dandara’s mechanics, including portability for consoles, sharing hits and mistakes.

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