Izadora Lima

Izadora Lima

Tapps Games

Izadora is taking Game Design Degree at PUC – São Paulo and plans to become a specialist in Narrative for Games and RPGs. Working with Quality Assurance (as an intern at Tapps Games) she contributes to a constant enhancement on Starside for its players, identifying needed improvements – with special attention to the game’s UX and Narrative. She also worked with tabletop RPGs by being an official ‘Dungeon Master’ and testing a national RPG system. A former English and Theater teacher, she embodies her love for the arts and language through games (and cosplays).

[SÃO PAULO] A intern’s life

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Paulo Emílio

Interns in the game industry tell about their tasks, the relation between academic formation and work performance, achievements and adversities.

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