Igor Moreno

Igor Moreno


Web designer and developer and communicologist, has an acting position in the game design field with both board games and RPGs through his Flying Ape Studios, releasing titles such as “CHOPSTICK” and “Kids & Dragons” and also through the ongoing “King of the Milho” crowdfunding campaign in which he creates microgames and discusses game design. Igor is also part of Redbox as an editor for the “Space Dragon” line of RPGs, besides leading localization efforts for international titles such as “Dungeons & Dragons”. Feels at home developing digital games with Unity and Game Maker Studio – the latter since 2002 – with experiments in level design in Half-Life’s engine as well as Source and id Engine. Having experience of almost a decade as a teacher, Igor has recently joined the team of NAVE-RJ, taking on the challenge of teaching Gaming Culture and Techniques for Digital Game Programming.

[RIO DE JANEIRO] Workshop: Games to change the world

Rio de Janeiro, Centro Cultural Oi Futuro - Keynote Room

Incorporate basic concepts of game design and logical reasoning through the development of analogue games with social themes. The workshop aims to sensitize the public in understanding how games can be important strategies to improve the world. The workshop integrates one of the training tracks of the NAVE program – Advanced Nucleum in Education.

BIG Impact Microtalk Workshop

[RIO DE JANEIRO] The game as a pedagogical strategy to develop skills

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