Gustavo Barcamor

Gustavo Barcamor

Barcamor Produção Musical

Gustavo Barcamor started his musical education at the age of 10. He began writting his first tunes in MIDI at 19, but only got his first professional gig in 2006, at the age of 25, writting orchestral music for a play. His journey into audio for games began in 2010, when he was invited to create music and sound fx for a game by Coca-Cola. A lot of gigs for big advergames came after that… Intel, LG, P&G, ESPN, Cartoon Network…. For the “indie” segment, he wrote music for “Enforcer: Police Crime Action” (for PC only), and “AereA” (for PC, Ps4 and XBox). He is currently working on original music for two of the most awaited brazilian titles of 2018-2019: “Skydome” (Kinship Entertainment) and “Alkimya” (Bad Minions). In 2018 he became part of 7Sounds studios official audio team, working with Kaue Lemos (FMOD specialist) and Fernando Pepe (Wwise specialist) on lots of amazing games.

[SÃO PAULO] Skydome, Conflicts and Challenges of Finding a Musical Identity

São Paulo - Apex-Brasil Space CCSP

In this presentation Gustavo Barcamor and Kaue Lemos talk about the whole creative process behind the original score for “Skydome”, by Kinship Entertainment. Focusing on the setbacks and challenges of the process, from the initial inspirations to final implementations using FMOD, they will highlight the importance of teamwork towards the main goal: the best music […]

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