Giulia Yamasaki

Giulia Yamasaki

REV Studio

Giulia Yamasaki is an independent game developer and illustrator. Her passion for games and art has existed since she was a kid, but it was during university that she found out how fulfilling it is to release a game and have people play and be affected by it. She has started working as a freelancer in the games industry in 2017, and her most notable work to date is Dandara’s intro and ending cutscenes. Current projects are Bedtime Fright (a 2D puzzler) and Keyhole (a narrative game about time travel).

[SÃO PAULO] How did I manage to get my first job with games

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Paulo Emílio

Seasoned professionals and newly hired professionals talk about how they got their first paid work in the game industry: steady job, internship, subcontracting, etc.

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