Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez

Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez


Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez is an Argentinian journalist, narrative designer and programmer who jams a ton and is mostly known for her Twine Like Civilized people. She thinks games are a great way to offer comfort to those you love and take a stand for the things you care about. She thinks you should make games too, so whenever possible she also teaches people how to code and encourages them to make their own games. She’s one of the founders of Matajuegos, a bilingual blog about videogames and the people who play them. Matajuegos aims to build a bridge between Latin America and international critique circles with original essays and Spanish translations of relevant videogame resources.

[RIO DE JANEIRO] Games and representativity: Games, the new tool for social exchange

Rio de Janeiro, Centro Cultural Oi Futuro - Keynote Room

The immersion in a game of video game occurs by a series of factors: narrative, game play, soundtrack, graphics and other details that contribute to the player feel part of that world. This panel will deal with topics such as representativeness and empathy, contributing to the social and political debate that gains more and more […]

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