Ever Alan Marquez Martinez

Ever Alan Marquez Martinez


I am Alan a simple developer, software designer enthusiastic to try approaching high quality projects to make the maintenance and refactoring process more easier between us and new members.
I like sports, because there you learn the worth of the consistency and discipline, you can see your progress and apply it in all aspects of your life, and of course, after all that, you can eat some burgers.

[SÃO PAULO] Games, Culture and Resistance

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Paulo Emílio

The Panel brings together game developers who make the game a platform to show aspects of the culture of the indigenous peoples of Brazil and Mexico.

BIG Impact

[SÃO PAULO] Integrating Cultural References to Enrich Your Indie Game

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Adoniran Barbosa

Every creator has cultural influences that determine they way they craft their game experiences, and also those influences constitute an essential part of what makes a game unique. In this panel we will discuss two main topics. Firstly, the different ways a particular culture can permeate a game and its components (mechanics, music, graphics, story) […]

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