Edison Viana

Edison Viana

Moonshot Pictures

Edison Viana joined Moonshot in 2017 and has been working on creation, production and management in media and entertainment business since 1994. Before working for film/TV companies and investors, Edison started his executive career in the music industry.

In the public sector, as investment manager at RioFilme and consultant for Funcine Rio 1, Edison was responsible for TV series and feature films coproduction, as well as for sponsorships and activations at festivals and at market events such as RioContentMarket. Edison has created and developed initiatives for professional training and business promotion, such as PIC Rio de Janeiro, which he created and developed with BRAVI.

Edison Viana collaborates with regional development activities in the audiovisual sector, with Brazilian Content export program, as well as in the workgroup on public policies for Brazilian independent games led by Abragames.

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