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Diel Mormac

Diel Mormac Games

Marcos Antônio Marcon most known as Diel Mormac is a multidisciplinary game developer. Actually is CEO & Founder of Diel Mormac Games who recently launched the game Madcap Castle on steam.
Is a very active member of the game development community in São Paulo. Organizing open events to the community as Meetups (GDBR – Game Developers Brazil) and Game Jams.
He’s actually working in the gambling games industry at Ortiz Gaming.

[SÃO PAULO] Game Developers Brasil (GDBR) BIG Edition: The importance of communities

São Paulo, CCSP - Rehearsal Room II A Side

Game Developers Brazil (GDBR) organizers Diel Mormac (from Diel Mormac Studio), Juno Cecil (from Gixer Game Studio) and Rodolfo Calabrezi (from Cruel Byte) will give a retrospective of the learning that the community has acquired over the 14 editions. In addition, representatives of Hexa Game Studio will comment on the importance of the community for […]

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