David Martinez

David Martinez

Raw Fury

Twitter says David Martinez is:
“Witty, Happy, Athletic, Telepathic, Talkative, Horticulturist, Everyman, Famous, Underappreciated, Cocky, Koolaid”
“That publisher guy who wears really cool hats.”
“Delightful human being. Prettier than his children. A+ drinking buddy.”
“Multiple-time DDR champion and Giants fan from a farm town.”
(He is also a founding member of Raw Fury, the raddest indie game publisher).

[SÃO PAULO] Indie Publishing: Finding an Audience and Getting your Games in their Hands

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Adoniran Barbosa

How the game you’ve developed finds its way to hands of gamers? How do you identify who the audience for you game is and, more importantly, how do you reach them? How do you get their attention and engage them to play your game? This panel will explore these questions, and more, along the path […]

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