Daniela Marçal

Daniela Marçal


Speech Therapist
PhD in Design and Inclusion
Coordinator of the Social Design and Human Factors axis of the research group of the Laboratory of Language, Interaction and Construction of Senses
Master in Design Mediation in the construction of online children’s games interfaces (PUC-Rio)
Specialist in Reading Design: interactivity and multimedia (PUC-Rio)
Works developed in the main areas: language, design, education, inclusion and social technologies.
Co-founder of MULTI.SENTIDOS I Develop methodologies and resources for people with and without disabilities that promote inclusive education and culture.

[RIO DE JANEIRO] Accessible Game development

Rio de Janeiro, Centro Cultural Oi Futuro - Keynote Room

The panel will discuss games and projects that aim to include people with various disabilities within the games, both analog and digital.

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