Carlos Martin

Carlos Martin

Seat 7 Entertainment LLC

Carlos Martin is the owner and founder of Seat 7 Entertainment LLC, a management company based in the San Francisco Bay Area providing business development services in the video game industry. Our clients work across all video game technologies, including console, PC, mobile, VR, AR, web, Facebook, and more.
Carlos has 21 years of experience with top international gaming companies, including Sony Computer Entertainment, Activision, Bandai Namco, and Seat 7 Entertainment. Carlos holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Clara University School of Law.

[SÃO PAULO] Developing and Self-Publishing Online Competitive Indie Games in LATAM

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Adoniran Barbosa

Online games are gaining more and more popularity and generating significantly higher revenue than single player games. League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Pokemon Go or Brawlhalla are some of the titles encouraging many indie teams from all over the world to invest in games that are heavily relying on multiplayer technology. This presents a […]

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