Caio Leboutte

Caio Leboutte

TV Escola

PhD student in Education at UFRJ. Master in Economics by UnB, MBA in Digital TV, Broadcasting and New Media by UFF. Graduated and Postgraduate in Accounting by UFRGS. Scholarship from JICA – Japan International Cooperation Agency, in two courses promoted by NHK, Japan, in the area of ​​Digital TV. He has been Executive Director of TV Escola since 2009, currently in charge of the Technology, Operations and Innovation Directorate. Manager of all projects of the TV Escola with the following objects: gamification of educational content; VR; AR; multiplatform distribution; Interactive digital TV; digitization of workflows in the television environment; broadcasting of digital and analogue audiovisual content; development and maintenance of applications for BroadbandTV, Android and iOS. In addition, formats and manages business modeling, aiming at improving existing fronts or creating new work fronts.

[RIO DE JANEIRO] Educational Games: The Role of TV Escola

Rio de Janeiro, Centro Cultural Oi Futuro - Keynote Room

TV Escola, the Education Channel of the Ministry of Education, produced and managed through the Roquette Pinto Educational Communications Association – ACERP, develops a series of technology projects aimed at disseminating knowledge and learning of children and young people. In the Panel TV School will present the games of financial education, children’s literacy and a […]

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