Bruno “Tinnus” Ferreira

Bruno “Tinnus” Ferreira

Aquiris Game Studio

M.Sc. in Computer Science, game developer for over 10 years with more than 15 projects shipped. Currently a Senior Programmer at Aquiris Game Studio, one of the largest studios in Brazil, having worked on projects in partnership with Cartoon Network Games (Ben 10: Wrath of Psychobos, Great Prank War, Last Villain Standing, Superstar Soccer Goal), as well as successful original Aquiris franchises such as Horizon Chase Turbo and Ballistic Overkill.

[SÃO PAULO] Facing the challenges of creating an Online Multiplayer

[SÃO PAULO] Multiplayer Design of Horizon Chase Turbo

São Paulo, CCSP - Rehearsal Room II B Side

Felipe Dal Molin and Bruno “Tinnus” Ferreira from Aquiris Game Studio tell a bit about the development of Horizon Chase Turbo for PC and PS4. Felipe explores the challenges of adapting the game with a new focus on local multiplayer, and Tinnus details the technical solutions that have been created to ensure the best performance […]

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