Bruno Poli

Bruno Poli

Black River Studios

Hi! I’m Bruno Poli​. I’ve been an active programmer since 2010, working mostly this period with game programming. I have developed a number of programs, from low level languages – jobs in which I developed a personal care for performance and efficiency​ – to web developing in publicity agencies, where I learned production processes​ and software standards​.

I had the opportunity to start working with games through advergames and serious games. At the end of 2012 I focused on authorial/independent projects by co-creating Otus Game Studio​. Since then, I’ve been working with games through my experience with programming and project management, and have been acknowledged by prizes/nominations for games I’ve worked on. In 2014, I’ve worked on Behold Studios​​ as Lead Programmer at Galaxy of Pen and Paper. Since 2017, I’ve worked on Black River Studios​ as Senior Game Developer, developed games as Angest.

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