Bruna Pligher

Bruna Pligher

Webcore Games

Bruna Pligher has a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication from Centro Universitário Senac, a specialization degree in Art History from PUC-SP, and a postgraduation degree in Playwriting from Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena.
She works at Webcore Games with creation and planning of independent projects. Her objective is to develop products for interactive platforms using different artistic resources. This can be seen in projects such as the app Crianceiras Manoel de Barros (2016), and a series of four apps called Menino Maluquinho (2014), developed with the supervision of Ziraldo, the author of the book which inspired them. In 2015, Bruna was part of Mostra Natureza Urbana, a digital panel displayed at Galeria Digital do Sesi-SP, with the installation Fazer Chover em SP (‘Make it Rain in SP’).

[SÃO PAULO] Success Cases (Editorial/Games/Music): Crianceiras, aplicativo com poemas de Manoel de Barros musicados para crianças

São Paulo - Apex-Brasil Space CCSP

Get to know the project Crianceiras: poems, music, animation and interactivity to stimulate creativity and sensitivity in the children’s audience. The presentation will talk about the process of creation and development of the application and will be attended by the creators and developers.

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