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Barry Leitch

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“Barry Leitch is a Scottish, US based award winning composer, sound designer, talent director & dialogue editor with over 32 years of experience. Specializing in composing for limited polyphony and having worked on over 200 video games and hundreds of children’s products as well as mobile and handheld products – Barry has written music on more hardware platforms than anyone else on the planet. Companies like Midway/Atari, Electronic Arts, Boss Game Studios, Origin Systems, Ocean Software and Fisher Price have all had many products with his music.
A self-taught composer, and early pioneer of composing on computers, Designing many proprietary development tools along the way to squeeze the most possible out of every machine’s sound chip. Barry freelances from his home in Bryan, Ohio.

Title highlights include.
Horizon Chase Turbo (PC, PS4)
Horizon Chase (ios, Android, Apple TV)
Top Gear SNES
Top Gear Rally (N64)
Guauntlet Dark Legacy (Arcade, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube)
Gauntlet Legends (N64)
Rush 2 (N64)
Rush 2049 (N64 / Dreamcast / Arcade Tournament edition)
Fisher Price Aquarium line, Sparkling Symphonies & Pixter series
Baby Einstein toys.
Rosetta Stone educational language series
Batman Rise of Sin Tzu, Splinter Cell Pandora & King Kong (Gameboy versions)
Orchestral arrangement for Tommy Tallarico’s “Video Games Live””

[SÃO PAULO] The music industry for games: creating global products

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Adoniran Barbosa

This debate is dedicated to putting developers and starters “on the same page”, to be a part a industry that creates opportunities to games and music professionals.

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[SÃO PAULO] TOP GEAR: With Barry Leitch e Nino MegaDriver

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Adoniran Barbosa

Chat with songwriter Barry Leitch about the series since the predecessor Lotus 2, focusing primarily on the classic Top Gear and culminating in the successor Horizon Chase, accompanied by the live performance on guitar by the band’s Nino MegaDriver.

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