Andrei Pettmant

Andrei Pettmant

Aiyra Legends

A gaming enthusiast and technology fan, Andrei Pettmant grew up in the midst of the electronic world. His passion and competitiveness made him take games more seriously than usual, and from a very young age studied them. As a young man he began playing professionally League of Legends and at the age of 16 moved to Europe because of this opportunity. Today, back in Brazil, he brings together all his experience to train the Aiyra Legends team, a promising team that focuses on bringing innovations to the competitive scene.

[RIO DE JANEIRO] Preparing high-performance athletes

Rio de Janeiro, Centro Cultural Oi Futuro - Keynote Room

The panel will present the case of Aiyra Legends, the first professional player training team, innovating the e-sports market trend where the training teams are owned by the definitive teams themselves. We will be bringing together a professional athlete, coach and project planners to chat about the challenges in training e-sport professional athletes.

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