André Luis Pasotto

André Luis Pasotto


Graduated in Marketing and Sales and postgraduate in Business Management from IBMEC. Qualifications as leader coach in Sales, Mentoring from Harvard Business School and Sales Strategies from Oxford Sales Force Academy – UK. With a strong sense of entrepreneurship, he started his own language school, produced innovative educational projects and business strategies to compete with established language franchises. He was hired by the Oxford University Press, where he worked for 12 years. Nowadays, he is the International Business and Expansion Director at DSOP Financial Education, developing the Brazilian and international educational markets and spreading the DSOP Methodology in financial literacy, producing a healthy financial life to all who learn and practice the method.

[SÃO PAULO] [Exclusive for Business Visitors] Pitch the book

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O Menino e os Sonhos – Editora DSOP Shui, entre os vermes da superfície – SESI – SP Editora Moscow, de Edyr Augusto + Pode pegar!, de Janaina Tokitaka – Boitempo Editorial


[SÃO PAULO] Sucess Cases (Editorial) From to book to the screens 01: Dream Journal (Editora DSOP)

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A book is capable of turning children’s fears, desires and needs into strength so that they become subjects of their stories. And it happens early in childhood when they begin to have contact with the things around them. For this audience, the DSOP presents books with little or no text and that work the children’s […]

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