André Braga

André Braga

Outside SX

Braga is a designer since 2005 and educator since 2000. In game studios, he has worked as a CXO, and created games for learning, social impact and MMO. Nowadays Braga has been dedicated to Outside SX, a Service Experience company where he is a partner and founder. Professor at Centro Universitário UNIBTA e Faculdade Flamingo, he teaches UX, Design, Games and Education. During his spare time, Braga likes to shoot (Instagram: @debraga)!

[SÃO PAULO] Publishing Impact games

São Paulo, CCSP - Room Paulo Emílio

Playmove – the largest publisher of impact games in Brazil will talk about the work developed for the project PlayTable, the first digital table with educational games in Brazil.

BIG Impact
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