Allan Jacobsen

Allan Jacobsen

Cabrito and Chewy

Allan Jacobsen is an award-winning Writer, Illustrator, Animation Director, and Producer. In addition to co-creating, and co-producing the upcoming animated series “”Cabrito and Chewy””, Jacobsen currently Directs a wide variety of series at Dreamworks televison, including Boss Baby, Trolls, Dawn of the Croods, Spirit: Riding Free, Harvey Street, and Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness. Jacobsen works as an Animation Professor, specializing in Story Development, World-building, Character Design and Development.

Wow! What a terrific guy. You should hang around with him and see how great you feel. Okay, so what? Now more braggy stuff like everyone does on these “Aren’t I Awesome?” Bios.

Let’s see—since 1996, Jacobsen has directed on a variety of long-running animated series in both primetime and kids television, including megahits The SIMPSONS, KING OF THE HILL, and DORA THE EXPLORER. Allan served as Supervising Director of Cartoon Network’s Emmy-winning series CLASS OF 3000 and Nick Jr’s Preschool hit NIHAO KAILAN. In comics, Jacobsen has had the pleasure of working with popular characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Aquaman as well as co-creating, designing, and co-writing the Marvel Comics series NEW INVADERS.

Throughout his career Jacobsen has specialized in directing animated videos and video-segments for popular recording artists including Grammy Award-winner Wyclef Jean, Hillary Duff, Latin superstars Shakira, Thalia, and Juanes, superstar tenor Placido Domingo, and the legendary Mel Brooks.

Jacobsen has been nominated for an Emmy, an Annie, and is the proud recipient of a Shine Award for his work on King Of the Hill. In addition, Jacobsen and the Nick Jr. Crew have received numerous Imagen awards for their work on Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go.

“Allan” (as he’s known by people who know him) currently resides in Los Angeles with his brilliant and sexy wife Kristen (whatever your orientation, you would be jealous), two Sons (really robust kids with great minds), and a dog.

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