Adrian Laubisch

Adrian Laubisch


Founding partner of Aiyra, has 12 years of experience in the gaming market. Ahead of his company, he has served as Producer / Executive Producer and New Business Director in more than 100 game projects that Aiyra has already made in its 11 years of history, specializing in External Development for Companies and their Intellectual Properties. Bachelor in Computer Science at UFF, has an article about an unique methodology for game projects management published on SBGames. Whenever he can, tries to find time to work with Game Design within Aiyra’s projects. Remembers with pride and affection of great success stories of Aiyra, such as the official games made for brands like Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya and the Gloob channel (from Globosat) which already accumulated millions of players. In 2017 Aiyra also started some experiments with the eSports market, and it will have some news about it soon.

[RIO DE JANEIRO] Preparing high-performance athletes

Rio de Janeiro, Centro Cultural Oi Futuro - Keynote Room

The panel will present the case of Aiyra Legends, the first professional player training team, innovating the e-sports market trend where the training teams are owned by the definitive teams themselves. We will be bringing together a professional athlete, coach and project planners to chat about the challenges in training e-sport professional athletes.

BIG eSports BIG Impact

[RIO DE JANEIRO] 30 Minutes with Christopher Wren – Eletronic Arts

Rio de Janeiro, Labsonica - F5

What is External development in games? How do you enter into this niche market? What do you learn from this type of work? Adrian Laubisch, Aiyra Games, is chatting on external development with Christopher Wren of EA.

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