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BIG Festival (Brazil’s Independent Games Festival) happens since 2012 and is the ​most important international indie games ​festival in Latin America. Aiming to strenghten Brazilian’s game ecossystem, the Festival encompass a competition between national and international games with a cash prize, exposition open to the public of the chosen games in the Festival, award ceremony, seminars and business matchmaking. In 2017, BIG attracted over 20.000 attendees, 3.500 speakers, and over 1.600 business meetings. This year, BIG will expand its schedule of seminars and workshops, embracing other areas of the game development, as music, animation, VR and AR, besides a career fair and other content segments from past years.

Check out BIG Festival’s segments:

BIG Audio: dedicated to discuss music and its interssections with all Creative Industry’s areas;
BIG  Brands: segment oriented to games and interactive digital experiences comissioned by big brands as part of their strategies;
BIG  Business  Meetings: business meetings in an exclusive area for enterpreuners (only area in the event that requires a exclusive, paid credentials to be accessed);
BIG  Careers: an overview about the job market in Games and hints for the newbies in the industry;
BIG  Dev: segment of seminars oriented to game development’s subjects, as art, programming, game  design,  usability, production, among others.
BIG Forum: meeting of professionals from the Creative Industry (games, cinema, audiovisual, publicity, music);
BIG  Ideas  for  Cities: discussions and debates about urban problems through the point of view of games.
BIG Impact: initiative dedicated to games with positive impact and power to transform society;
BIG Latin America: bringing together developers from countries as Argentina,  Chile,  Uruguai,  México,  Colombia, Costa  Rica and Paraguai.  Cada  ano  com  um  foco  em  um  país;  
BIG Music Day: an association with Music Day, biggest indie bands event in Brazil, which will be part of BIG from 2018 onward, , with indie bands’ shows in different places of the city of São Paulo;
BIG  Starter: awarding game projects in-progress, focused on helping new firms and startups to gain market potential and visibility as a company;
BIG  Ventures: a segment to approach public and private investors to the Game and Creative Industries, with a line up dedicated to entrepreneurship;
BIG  VR/AR:  games exposition open to public and sessions to discuss virtual reality topics.

BIG Festival is a realization of Bits Produções in partnership with various institutions, among them Abragames, Brazilian Game Developers, Apex, SPCine  and the Culture Departments of the city and the state of São Paulo.

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